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Understanding the Basics of Lacrosse

Lacrosse is a great sport that can be a wonderful source of exercise and family fun—either watching or playing. If you are unfamiliar with the sport, it may be a bit confusing. Once you get the basics down, it'll be an event you love as much other sports.

Object Lacrosse Team NYC
The object of lacrosse is to score a goal by shooting the ball in the opposing team's goal. Players can pass, catch, and run with the ball in the crosse, which is the stick-like piece of equipment used in the game. Only the goalie may touch the ball with his hands.

There are ten total players on the lacrosse field. A goalie and at least three other players must remain on the defensive side of the field at all times. The three offensive players must stay on the offensive side of the field, and the remaining midfielders may go anywhere on the field.

Lacrosse is a physical sport, which can make it a tough event for parents to watch sometimes. Bodychecking is allowed if the opponent has the ball. Bodychecking is never allowed to occur from behind, and shots must never be taken above the shoulders or below the knees. Stickchecking is also allowed, which is using the stick to knock the ball out of the other player's crosse.

Men's lacrosse is typically played for 48 minutes. There are four quarters of 12 minutes each. A two minute water break is allowed between each quarter. A ten minute half time occurs between the second and third quarters. Each team has two time-outs to be used during each half.

If you are looking for ideas for family fun in NYC, come to Aviator Sports and Events Center. With ice skating, team sports, and exercise classes, there's something here for every member of your family, and we work hard to make everything you do fun. To learn more about our sports programs, ice rink hours, and other events, call us at (347) 263-8416.

Reasons to Sign Your Kids Up for Team Sports

When children get involved in sports programs, they learn valuable skills that are useful in other areas of life. By mastering sports, children develop confidence, which usually helps them develop more assertive, sociable personalities. With team sports, children also learn about cooperation, responsibility, strategic thinking, and patience.

Gymnastics Team NYCIn team sports, children develop cooperative skills where everyone works for the same goal. A player is never the center of the world in team sports, because there's no single participant that wins or loses. Through sportsmanship, children learn that desired results are achievable when each individual contributes his or her best effort. This helps a child understand that the attitude he or she brings to a game can affect a team's overall morale.

Sportsmanship also teaches children about responsibility, because the things that an individual player does can affect the whole team. For instance, if the player of a solo sport repeatedly skips practice, it will only hinder his or her own prospects as a competitor. But when a player flakes out on team practice sessions, it could jeopardize the game for everyone involved. By participating in team sports responsibly, a child learns to manage his or her time and follow through on commitments.

Strategic Skills
Team involvement also teaches children how to solve problems and be patient with others. When it comes to beating the opposing team, the kids involved must strategize, which helps them develop valuable critical skills that are useful in other areas of life. They also learn patience, because in many team sports, each player must wait for his or her turn. In teams with players from assorted backgrounds, participants learn to accept and understand a range of personality types.

At Aviator Sports and Events Center, we offer a wide range of athletic programs for children in New York City. From baseball and soccer to volleyball and ice hockey, we have plenty of activities to keep your kids fit and motivated. To learn more about our classes and services, call us at (347) 263-8416.

Gymnastics Helps Kids Shine Athletically and Academically

gymnastics teams New YorkIf you are looking for the right sport in which to enroll your child, you might want to consider gymnastics. Not only does it help improve posture, balance, and athletic ability, but it can also help your kids in school. Keep reading to find out how:

As kids flip, tumble, and gain strength, they improve their coordination and gross motor skills. These benefits of these physical activities are important foundations for your child’s academic life. In fact, enrolling your child in gymnastics can help improve his or her brain efficiency, which can last throughout every phase of his or her academic career.

If you want to take advantage of all of these benefits, enroll your child in a gymnastics program at Aviator Sports and Events Center. We have plenty of events for children and adults that want to get active. From ice skating to Crossfit, we truly have something for everyone. To learn more about our programs and services, visit us online or call (347) 263-8416.

A Look at the 10 Components of Fitness

Fitness isn't just about sports—staying fit can be a great way to squeeze some family fun into your busy day! And fitness isn't just going to exercise class, either. Here is a quick look at the 10 basic components of fitness to help you get on your path towards a healthy lifestyle.

1. Endurance – Endurance is your cardiovascular and respiratory systems' ability to get oxygen, process it, and deliver it to your cells. You can build your endurance by increasing your cardio training and by adhering to a healthy lifestyle.

2. Stamina – Stamina involves the body's ability to use energy that has been gathered and stored. Increase your stamina by training a little harder and fueling your body with the best foods possible.

3. Coordination – Your coordination is your ability to do different movements at the same time. Up the family fun quotient by creating a backyard obstacle course!

Crossfit gym New York4. Balance – This is your body's ability to keep its center of gravity set in relation to the body's support base. Add yoga or Pilates into your exercise routine to strengthen your balance.

5. Flexibility – Flexibility is the range of motion of a body or joint. Try ice skating lessons to improve your flexibility.

6. Speed – Speed is how fast you can do a set motion. Try not to perform any activities faster than you are comfortable doing so to avoid injury.

7. Agility – How quickly you can transition from one movement to another is your agility. Time obstacle courses are a fun way to improve your agility and get the family involved in fitness.

8. Accuracy – Accuracy is how controlled your movements or exercises are. Like any other component, accuracy will improve over time and with more experience.

9. Strength – The force applied by muscles is their strength. Increase your strength by adding weight to your lifting regiment and adding repetitions.

10. Power – Power can be thought of as the maximum force in minimum time. Improving strength and speed often help with power. See how quickly you can lift your maximum amount of weight to gauge your power.

At Aviator Sports and Events Center in New York City, we're serious about fitness—and about family fun. From ice skating to CrossFit to team sports, we want you to get fit and have fun doing it together. To learn more about how we can help you, give Aviator Sports and Events Center a call at (347) 263-8416 today.

How CrossFit Can Help Injuries

Injuries are never fun to talk about, but they do happen. Getting back to the quality of life you want is very important, both for your physical and emotional well-being. CrossFit can help you reach and even exceed your previous fitness level after an injury. Watch this video to see an example of the benefits of CrossFit.

As this clip shows, even after joint replacements, you can continue to get stronger and healthier. Because CrossFit works the soft tissues and keeps the body in prime physical shape, recovery after surgery or injuries can be easier. You may find that you're even better after the injury if you keep your body in shape with modified CrossFit techniques.

For CrossFit, team sports, ice skating, and plenty of family fun in New York City, come to Aviator Sports and Events Center. Our CrossFit sessions can help you get in great shape and stay that way. Call us at (347) 263-8416 today for more information about our fitness classes and sporting events.

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