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    How Gymnastics Benefits Kids

    Last updated 2 days 4 hours ago

    The lure of video games, computers, and smartphones is keeping many kids stuck inside on the couch instead of being active. The result of this behavior can been seen in the staggering rates of childhood obesity in the United States. One way to make activity a bigger part of your kids’ lives is to find an organized sport they enjoy. Gymnastics is a great activity that offers a long list of advantages for young participants. At Aviator Sports and Events Center, we provide gymnastics classes to kids of all fitness levels in our New York City location. Here is a look at some of the ways your kids can benefit from taking part in gymnastics.

    Learning Discipline

    Gymnastics requires practice and determination when it comes to learning to perform new moves precisely and safely. Participants must dedicate themselves to practice both in and out of the gym, so they learn both the importance of discipline and the rewards of hard work. Because gymnasts must maintain a high level of fitness, participants must also stay committed to being active and in shape.

    Improving Social Skills

    As with most sports, gymnastics gives kids an opportunity to interact both with peers and with coaches. They learn about the benefits of teamwork, the importance of supporting their teammates, and how to win and lose with grace and humility. Through interaction with coaches, kids learn respect for authority and how to apply advice and constructive criticism in healthy ways.

    Increasing Physical Activity

    One of the biggest benefits of gymnastics is simply that it gets kids moving. By taking part in a gymnastics class, your children will spend time away from sedentary activities and get their hearts pumping. Being active helps to prevent obesity and related diseases, like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure, which are becoming increasingly common in young people.

    Make being active part of your family’s lifestyle with help from Aviator Sports and Events Center. From ice skating to team sports, our New York City activities center offers a wealth of family-friendly activities. Find out more about sports, classes, and much more by calling (347) 263-8416.

    Field Trips at Aviator Sports and Events Center

    Last updated 9 days ago

    Finding an affordable and hassle-free outing for field trips and school events in Brooklyn can be a challenge, but Aviator Sports and Events Center makes it easy with convenient on-site parking and security along with a dedicated field trip staff. The options for interactive, educational trips are nearly endless, as kids can learn the basics of physics, leaping and jumping in the gymnastics, or taking a lesson in flight with our flight simulator. When the weather is right, outdoor activities like baseball and soccer may capture the attention of your group. Ice skating is available all year round, so you might have a winter wonderland outing in any season. No matter what type of activities you include in your trip, chaperones will have an easy time supervising from upper-level viewing areas.

    To contact Aviator Sports and Events Center about your next field trip, visit our website or call us at (347) 263-8416. We entertain guests of all ages with facilities fit for all types of sporting events and games.

    Aviator Sports to Serve as Collection Site for Toys for Tots

    Last updated 12 days ago

    Aviator Sports and Events Center is teaming up with the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Foundation once again this holiday season to help less fortunate children experience the joy of the holidays. From Nov. 10 through Dec. 14, customers can drop off new, unwrapped toys in the toy drive donation bins prominently placed on Main Street within the facility. The Toys for Tots NYC Program is operated annually by the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve 6th Communication Battalion, headquartered out of Floyd Bennett Field, where Aviator Sports is located. All donations will be distributed to local families.

    “Every child should experience the delight of having a gift to open on Christmas morning,” said Dean Rivera, Chief Operating Officer of Aviator Sports. “We are thrilled to once again be a part of the Toys for Tots program and be working with the Marine Corps Reserve, our neighbors here at Floyd Bennett Field, to help make those experiences happen.”

    Sunday, Dec. 14 will be a special collection day during Aviator’s annual Brunch with Santa event. Everyone who donates a new, unwrapped toy will receive a free gift. To learn more about the event and register, visit

    If you’d like to donate a toy online you may do so by visiting If you are interested in requesting toys for your agency or family, visit the New York location Request a Toy page

    Tips for Improving Your Ice Skating Skills for Hockey

    Last updated 16 days ago

    Even if you’ve never played hockey before, you are probably aware of how integral skating is to the sport. Before every learning to handle a stick or shoot the puck, any aspiring hockey player should hone his or her skating skills to gain confidence on the ice. Improving one’s skating skills can also be valuable, even if you already do have some experience in the rink. No matter what the level of your hockey game is, you might benefit from these skating tips to sharpen your game.

    Keep a focused posture

    It may be tempting to look at your feet on the ice, especially if you are just learning to skate, but the best method for staying balanced is holding your head up with eyes forward. If you have your eyes toward the ice when you are playing hockey, you might be a vulnerable target to take a hit and you could easily lose track of the puck. A deep knee bend is also beneficial for maintaining the right posture.

    Practice falling down

    While playing hockey, you might get pushed around, knocked down, or thrown off balance while performing quick maneuvers. This means that you might lose your footing and fall over or need to compensate quickly so that you can stay upright. These are skills you should practice so that you aren’t as likely to suffer serious injuries after taking a tumble on the ice.

    Improve flexibility off the ice

    You can become a better skater even when you don’t have your skates on by practicing exercises that will help you get more flexibility and balance. Yoga may be a valuable activity for honing your balance skills, while weight training and agility-based exercises are useful for flexibility and quick recovery.

    To find the right practice environment for playing hockey at any level, check out Aviator Sports and Events Center. Our extensive, state-of-the-art athletic facilities cater to all types of athletes looking for competitive play, friendly practice, or fitness training. You can learn more about what we have to offer on our website, or call us directly at (347) 263-8416.

    We're Hiring!

    Last updated 16 days ago

    We're currently hiring for a number of positions and in search of highly qualified candidates. Please see below for job openings and links to the descriptions. Submit your resume directly to with the job title in the subject line.


    » Food & Beverage Manager
    » Gymnastics Coaches
    » Gymnastics Administrative Assistant
    » Marketing/Sponorship Internship (unpaid)
    » Youth Flag Football Coach
    » Learn to Skate Office Assistant
    » Public Skating Assistant


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