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Health Benefits of Playing Tennis

If tennis is offered during sports camps near New York, you should sign up to take advantage of all of the health benefits of the sport. Tennis provides one of the best ways to stay healthy and active.

Tennis is a great cardio exercise and a well-rounded workout. It burns more calories than simple aerobics and cycling movements. Check out this video to learn more.

Come to Aviator Sports and Events Center to try out tennis, volleyball, football, or other sports that will help you maintain an active lifestyle. We bring you the space and equipment you need to keep moving. To learn more, visit us online or call (718) 758-7500.

Daily CrossFit Exercises for Women

Crossfit gyms near New York are full of people of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels who want to achieve their personal bests. Keep reading to learn about some Crossfit exercises that women can add into their daily routines:

Running, Squats, and Push-Ups cross fit gym nyc
For your first set of exercises, you can do a circuit of running, squatting, and push-ups. Start off by running 200 meters and then move into 10 air squats. Finish up the circuit with 10 push-ups. Move through this circuit 5 times so you run a total of 1,000 meters, squat 50 times, and do 50 push-ups.

Sit-Ups, Walking Lunges, Pull-Ups, and Running
In 20 minutes, try to complete as many rounds of your circuit as possible. Start it off with 25 sit-ups before performing 20 walking lunges. Do 5 pull-ups and finish up the circuit with a 400-meter run. If you want to make the circuit a little more challenging, you can use weights or kettle bells during the walking lunges. Keep track of your progress and try to beat your personal best the next time you move through the circuit.

Squats, Push-ups, and Toes-to-the-Bar
You can also choose to do 4-minute intervals of a few different Crossfit exercises for your daily workout. Start out with 4 straight minutes of squats. Once you have completed them, you can move on to 4 minutes of push-ups. Finish up the circuit with 4 minutes of toes-to-the-bar. In this workout, you should lie on the ground with a 35-pound barbell extended over your upper body. Bring your feet up to the bar while keeping your back flat. Do as many as you can within the 4-minute time span.

If you are ready to incorporate Crossfit workouts into your daily life, come to Aviator Sports and Events Center. We offer Crossfit classes, football camps, volleyball, dodgeball, gymnastics camp, and other fitness classes to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. To learn more, visit us online or call (718) 758-7500.

Snack Tips for Child Athletes

If your child is involved in basketball, football, volleyball, lacrosse, or summer sports camps near Brooklyn, it is important that he or she gets the proper nutrition to fuel these athletic pursuits. Keep reading to figure out what snacks to give your child athlete to keep him or her strong enough to play all the sports he or she wants to play:

Foods with Vitamins and Minerals
It is important that growing children get plenty of vitamins and minerals. It is even more important to get these vitamins and minerals when they are very active. Make sure to give your children foods like milk, yogurt, cheese, leafy greens, and broccoli so they get plenty of vitamins and minerals to fuel their bodies. Foods like chicken, tuna, salmon, and eggs are full of iron, which helps your children feel and perform their best. sports summer camps brooklyn

Foods with Protein
Protein is another important aspect of a healthy diet, especially when children are athletic. Make sure your children eat plenty of protein after a strenuous training session to help repair their muscles. Lean meat, poultry, dairy, beans, nuts, and soy products are nutritious snacks that are full of protein and can help your children stay strong.

Foods with Carbohydrates
Carbohydrates keep the body energized, which helps your young athlete get the fuel he or she needs to keep moving. Give your child some whole grain bread with peanut butter, some fruits and vegetables, or some whole-grain cereal to be sure that he or she has the energy to perform.

Staying hydrated is an essential element of a healthy body. It is very important for your child to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Give your child a water bottle to bring the next time he or she plays sports.

Aviator Sports and Events Center is here to help your child stay active. We offer a wide range of sports and physical activities to promote a healthy lifestyle for your whole family. To learn more about our sports and classes, visit us online or call (718) 758-7500.

Planning an Ice Skating Day with the Whole Family

Ice skating can be one of the most unique and exhilarating forms of family fun. As you and your loved ones take to the ice on blades, the thrill and adventure will provide memories for all to share. When gliding along in a big open rink, the freedom of movement can boost your energy and give you a new peace of mind. To ensure the best possible experience at your next family outing to the skating rink, be sure that everyone has a helmet, knee pads, warm clothes, and properly fitted skates. Remember, when you take to the ice, fun is the objective, but safety is key to a good time.

For the best in ice skating family fun in New York City, come to Aviator Sports and Events Center. We offer instructions and skate rentals at our massive ice rink, which is open seven days a week. To learn more about our events and sporting lessons, visit us online or call us at (347) 263-8416.

Public Skating NYC

Mind and Body Benefits of Rock Climbing

There's no doubt that rock climbing is one of the bravest of all undertakings. In order to accomplish the death-defying feat of scaling steep rocks—hundreds upon hundreds of feet above land—it takes tremendous courage, strength, and durability. As an activity, rock climbing also has lots of benefits at the physical, mental, and psychological levels.

Physical indoor rock climbing new york city
Many people assume that rock climbing is all about strong arms and shoulders, but it actually requires lower body strength in addition to lean upper-body mass. It also takes great cardio endurance to climb rocks, because fewer activities will get the heart pumping stronger. In order to make it to the top, you must also master flexibility, because a climb will often involve reaches that are never called for on land.

Rock climbing also involves a high degree of brain power. When scaling steep rocks, every move is vital, and the mind must constantly access each possible reach or step. At high elevation, a false move could spell the end. Given the stakes involved, rock climbing is one of the world's most mentally demanding activities. Climbing rocks will not only improve your strength and endurance, it will also make you better at strategic thinking.

When a person scales a rock, he or she is in a place that's far removed from the on-land world. As such, rock climbing provides a host of psychological benefits. If you're dealing with stress or sorrow due to personal or work-related problems, rock climbing allows you to escape those things by demanding your full concentration on the act itself. Once you get to the top, there's the unique thrill of knowing that you've reached a place in the world that few others have touched.

At Aviator Sports and Events Center, we provide rock climbing sessions for anyone aged 5-and-up on our 35-ft. indoor aviator rock. With our classes and sporting events, we provide some of the best resources for physical fitness and family fun throughout New York City. To learn more about our services, call us at (347) 263-8416.

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